Herb Roof Gardens

Herb gardening can be accomplished in the roof garden as easily as vegetable gardening or flower gardening. Simply choose herbs that can be grown in containers or in a square foot garden bed/box. Some herbs can grow quite tall – consider their mature size when you plant them. Although a wonderful thing about a container garden or a small raised garden bed is that your gardens are movable.

So where to start? Well, the first thing is to consider what sort of herbs you would like to plant. To help you decide this, you might want to think about what sort of dishes you like to cook or what you will be using your herbs for. To give you some ideas, the following is a list of commonly used herbs in the kitchen:

Rosemary, Parsley, Cinnamon, Sage, Cayenne.

Fill container with soil and add a little fertilizer to prime the soil and enhance the growing environment. The amount of soil put in depends on whether seeds or seedling are used to plant herb garden. In general, if seeds are used, fill container to about 1 inch from the rim so that there would be room to cover seeds with a little additional soil.

Always check the instructions on the seed packet as they will usually give more detail on how best to plant seeds. If seedlings are used on the other hand, then the base of container has to be covered with only a few inches of soil so that the seedlings can fit in. At last, when all seedlings are arranged then spaces around them can be filled with more soil.

Finally when you are done, give your containers good water! And of course do not forget to water your herb garden over the coming days.